☆☆☆☆☆ CAF REVIEWS ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆♡☆ " Believe me, the pleasure was mine!!!! " ☆♡☆ ♡☆♡ " "For a good time, see Krystal1foru" It's an old adage, but true. I've enjoyed Krystal's company a few times now and highly recommend her. She's talented, friendly&accommodating, and has a stunning figure! Thank you, Krystal. Always looking forward to seeing you again! " ♡☆♡ ☆♡☆  Krystal1foru Since I am a mature guy, I like mature women. But that does not mean Krystal does not have a rockin body. GFE is a good starting point (yes I know everyone has a different definition). She loves heels and since she is taller than average don't be surprised to look up to see her face when she opens the door,  or straight ahead for an impressive view.  yup  yup    yup VFM  Repeat  ♡☆♡ Sexy-secretary Krystal1foru Performance Review I've been on a bit of a self-imposed hiatus lately, so when I decided to give up something for Lent, well, it was an easy choice. (For those that are not too familiar with Lent.... From its start on Ash Wednesday until its conclusion on Easter Sunday, Lent has been a traditional time for fasting or giving something up or abstinence). So, I determined that I would give up "abstinence". That decision out of the way, the next decision was "with whom"? There was something about Krystal1foru's ad that caught my attention, and since I was intent upon a go with the flow, sensually interactive encounter, from Krystal's ads, I thought she might fit the bill. Did she ever. E-Z booking via text, incall location E-Z to find, discreet entrance. Welcomed at the door by a very naughty looking sexy-tary (outfit request), who greeted me with a welcoming embrace and took my hand to lead me to her den of iniquity.... er I mean 'office'. Lots of hugs, kisses and then we decided to open the wine to help us get to know each other better.  It wasn't too long before Krystal suggested we turn the lights to low, and the next thing I know, Old Jed's a Millionaire, AND we were passionately kissing and petting each other.  At this point, she told me that she was sorry but she had "busted her garter belt", (not that I would've noticed because as I ran my hands under her tight pencil skirt, I could feel her body heat coming off her thong), and my fingers started to probe.  She was not only hot, she was wet.  Krystal managed to get my clothes off and we wrestled for control as she devoured my cock and I enjoyed her magnificent breasts. (BTW, the pics of her tits are accurate, they are sensitive AND they are spectacular). In our texts, Krystal had told me that she would be up for any oral challenges I could set upon her, and the way she worshipped my cock, I knew that she couldn't be accused of false advertising. At my request, Krystal brought out her favourite toy, and we commenced to masturbate each other until she asked me what position I liked the most.  So, cover on and we started off in Cowgirl, and I was amazed at how tight her pussy was and how high and hard she could ride. Bucked her off after a few minutes and immediately I started pounding her in doggie, with Krystal begging me to find her G-spot. Shifted gears to slow, sensual thrusts, with some sexy suggestions and ideas being exchanged of what would like to do to each other next, what we would do with each other next time, how we would finish this time. Speaking of endings, it was exactly as I had requested, Krystal enthusiastically accommodating. We collapsed in a hot, sweaty heap, and the ensuing pillow talk was an added bonus. Repeat? Absolutely, I'm replaying the sounds of her pleasurable moans over and over, in my head, I'm longing to fondle and play with those twin peaks of hers again, and I cannot get those green, mischievous eyes that she has out of my mind. Overall review is that I'm sure that my sexy-tary and I can "meet or exceed" expectations in our next session. Thanks again Krystal.